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Our Services

Engineering Services

abtcaOur Engineering unit is equipped well enough to handle the development of technical documents related to construction and procurement, such as technical specifications, material lists, fabrication drawings, shop drawings, assembly and erection sequences for special fabrication phases as well as operational manuals and as-built dossiers Whenever there is need for design modifications, the client is promptly notified for immediate decisions to be taken. The unique integration of the activities of our technical unit with the fabrication unit leaves us with no other option but top flight decisions, precision engineering and on-time project delivery.

At C & A Resources Limited, our Engineering unit is able to handle the following:

  • Design, fabrication and erection of fluid storage facilities
  • Pipeline design and precise fabrication to meet design specifications
  • Design and construction of furnaces
  • Design of programmable logic control systems for power plants
  • Feasibility Studies and design of all aspects of Power Transmission and Distribution.

Procurement / Logistics Services

logisticsBy ensuring the provision of integrated, reliable and cost-efficient supply chain management, our procurement unit contributes to the successful completion of projects both large and small.Provision of ideal goods and services at the right place, time and least cost remain the driving factor of our procurement unit.Combining our good relationship with renowned manufacturers of related products through our local and international allies and the efficiency of our transport and logistics unit, C & A Resources Limited can source any material for various sectors of the economy from both local and international market within the least possible time. We also have expert professionals handling capabilities including equipment/truck lease and rentals services.

Construction / Fabrication Services

picture1Having undertaken some construction projects, C & A Resources Limited can handle all forms of steel structure construction/ fabrication even in logistically difficult frontier.We are capable of fabricating medium and fairly large complex structures with precise accuracy. With our experienced multidisciplinary project management team, we are able to develop a natural guidance to the optimization of industrial costs without failing to comply with the most stringent quality requirements of every project. Construction management is one of our distinguishing competences in the market place having been contracted to provide management and supervisory services to external yards. During peak load periods, we have the ability to operate a nearly 24 hours daily operation having to fall back on our pool of certified personnel who are on our call-up list. At the end of every projects, we update our database of experienced and certified personnel placed on the call-up list. This makes it possible for us to mobilise huge work force within a short space of time.

Our general operation in this area covers:

  • All structural steel fabrications
  • Tank/ Vessel fabrications
  • Process pipe fabrications
  • Design of programmable logic control systems for power plants
  • Manufacturing of customized modules

Product Planning / Support Services

Untitled-4We offer technical and support services in all aspects of steel making from raw materials handling to production of finished products – steel billets, sections, etc. We have metallurgical and materials expertise in offering advice on material selection that can assist in identifying steel grades from most international standards. We can also provide advice and technical support on issues relating to human and materials management leading to increasing production runs, yield savings and reduced cost of production.